Exhibition of Paintings from Yibna

Islington Tribune Report of Yibna Artists’ Forum Exhibition

IFY will be exhibiting the paintings we have received from Yibna artists at the Assembly Rooms (Islington Town Hall, Upper Street) from Monday 26th to Friday 30th July.

We feel very privileged to have received¬†46 art works direct from Gaza, created under the harsh conditions where people struggle to find food and where art materials are even more scarce. We immensely treasure these art pieces expressing the artists’ feelings, horrors, thoughts as well as their dreams. In all defiance of the siege the 34 pieces of artwork reached London.

Most of the artists are from Yibna refugee camp in Rafah, Gaza. The plan is to exhibit the artwork across the UK and at the end of the year to sell the art pieces, either based on reserved bids or an end-of-tour auction. 100% of the price will go to the artists. We plan to produce a catalogue including info about the artists including their personal stories, life under siege, and the background to the work.


IFY sends football shoes to Yibna

The Rachel Corrie Ramadan Football Tournament is an annual community event in the Yibna neighbourhood of Rafah, developed to promote mental and physical health and community unity during a time of occupation and siege. It commemorates the life of Rachel Corrie, a human rights activist killed by the Israelis while trying to protect people in Rafah.

Please look at this website (http://www.palestinereview.org/Rachel_Corrie_Soccer_Tournament/Welcome.html) to see pictures of the events and find out more about the groups that have supported the tournament.